naturalingredients“Eating clean” is a diet trend that is really working for some of my friends. With exercise, the right food and caring people, you can really improve your life if you want to reshape your body and get more fit. It’s not all about being skinny because I feel like people shine when they just feel well and energetic. Eating clean isn’t about just washing your vegetables before cooking. It’s about consuming ingredients that are grown and tended to without chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and additives.

I feel like if you can’t pronounce a chemical ingredient in your food, it probably isn’t the best thing to put in your body. Cooking with one ingredient that you know and love just seems healthier. With a little bit of herbs and spices, healthy meals come to life. It’s also fun to try new dishes and work with interesting organic ingredients.

Some things I’ve been avoiding as I grow older include artificial sweeteners, soda and high fructose corn syrup. Aspartame seems to be in everything these days, and it has some serious side effects. It’s been linked to cancer, for one. Agave, honey, stevia,  and raw sugar are my go-tos for sweetening up my dishes.

I think eating clean is the best way to get back on track if you’re struggling with weight loss. It’s not so much about cutting back calories but just cutting out those things in your life that you know aren’t good for your biological chemistry.


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