Coconut oil for alternative therapy
When I talk to my friends, the subject of natural remedies and medicine practices continue to come up. For me personally, natural herbal remedies are the key to feeling well and balanced. I tell them right away that I am not a doctor, and anything I say is just my own idea and not meant to diagnose anything. Then, I often recommend different remedies that are made from herbs, teas and essential oils rather than prescription drugs, knowing the historical effects these have had.

In some cases, these drugs really mess with your mind and body chemistry in an unnatural way. Because many contain chemicals and hormones, it’s difficult to look past some of the side effects of popular prescription drugs. When friends come to me, they can describe a pain, feeling, mental unrest or other symptom, and there’s always something natural that comes to mind.

Since natural plant remedies come from living plants, they don’t have the same chemicals or imbalance effects as some prescription drugs. They don’t fight to trick the body or alter hormonal balance. They aren’t man-made or synthetic. They are simply from this wonderful Earth and help various ailments that we face going through life’s journey.

As a healthy alternative, natural remedies provide healing for all kinds of issues. Whether it’s a feeling of unrest in your mind or just a pain that refuses to subside, Native American healing techniques have been targeting these problems for centuries. For thousands of years, ancient holistic medicine has been able to heal these various problems. It’s no different than today. I know that natural remedies have helped me through difficult illnesses, and they can help you too.

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