The Power of the Buffalo…

The Power of Prayer

Millions of powerful buffalo once roamed the earth banding together as one. The herds found security and safety in numbers, their gentle nature a reflection of the Great Spirit.

A Prayer Circle is a group of People gathering together in spirit in the power of blessing. Through the unity of prayer they share their powerful intention for transformation and healing.


Prayer for The People

Shared by Rod Jackson

This is a difficult time for The People, with a new virus spreading across the world taking the lives of thousands. During these events it is important that we take time each day to stop and say a Prayer for those who are affected, for those who have walked on because of the pandemic, and for their families and friends.

Sometimes you will see that we are offering Prayers and Smoke. What that means is that we light Sage and Sweetgrass, and as the Smoke rises toward the Creator, we offer our Prayers, which are then carried to the Heavens. The Sage clears away the negative energy, and the Sweetgrass calls in the good spirits to help and be with us.

Let us remember our first responders: EMT’s, Paramedics, Firefighters, Law Enforcement personnel, Nurses, Doctors, and those in the Military who are on the front line of this war. Pray for their safety, success, and victory against an invisible enemy of The People. Let the Smoke rise as you Pray.

We are all in this together. May it draw us closer as we strive to help those around us. Degadageyusisdi! Let us do Good to one another.


The entire Nuwati TEAm wants to also say THANK YOU to the many wonderful people who are helping to makes our lives easier and safer.  Grocery Workers, Truckers, Delivery people and many more.

Your efforts are appreciated!


If you have a friend (human or animal) in need, send us an email through the “Contact Us” tab on the Home page. Please give us their name and what prayers you would like the Nuwati Circle of friends to send. We will add your request to this page. If you keep us updated on their progress we will let others know the power of the prayers your loved one received.

Wado….Rod, Kimberly and the Nuwati TEAm

The Circle…


We are so honored to have brave men and women who give up their personal lives with friends and family to dedicate themselves to keeping not only Americans but other folks in need safe and well. Please send your thoughts and prayers to these special guardian angels.


Teach us love, compassion,
honor and respect.
That we may HEAL the earth
And HEAL each other.

Every day we are remind of all the Angels and Heroes who walk among us!


Prayers for Grieving