In the mountains
At the age of 65 I realize how incredibly Blessed I am. With Creator’s guidance my wife and I have the ability to travel to some incredible places and do some amazing things. For two weeks I have been in Colorado, and I find that this is a place that allows me to recharge my batteries and find a peace that is very special to me. I go home a better man and a better husband after I have been in the 
mountains. People have always asked me what it is about the mountains that makes me feel that way, and my answer is always the same.

I used to live in Idaho Springs, just west of Denver, and as I stand on the banks of Clear Creek I have always found myself in a very beautiful Church. As I look down at the water which flows by my feet I realize that it originated in Heaven as a gift from our Creator. (If you don’t think of water as a gift try doing without it for four days and you will realize how truly precious it is.) The creek has shaped this valley and made it what it is. 

As I look up the mountain I see stone. This stone has been there for thousands of years and has been through many changes. It was up high on the mountain and because of the water and time it has eroded, broken off the peaks and tumbled to the valley. It was part of the mountain then became a boulder. As the boulder tumbled down it became smaller and broke into many pieces. It came to rest in the creek where the water changed it again.

Water wore it down, broke it up, even made sand out of it. What can also be found in the stream is something very precious to the two leggeds, and is the reason that Idaho Springs even came into existence. In 1859 gold was first panned there by a man named Jackson who was from Missouri. This discovery started the Colorado Gold Rush.

On the side of the mountain I see the beautiful pines as they reach from the earth up to Heaven, in an attempt to get closer to God. I see the cycle through which they advance with age and am reminded how we as humans go through the same cycle. The trees help to hold the mountain together, until they too fall and take on another form and the Circle continues.

At the tops of the mountains, thousands of feet from the stream I see the clouds and the deep blue Heavens, and know that our Creator has planned ALL of this. At this point I feel a wondrous dichotomy of Spirit. As I look at everything around me I feel as insignificant as one of the grains of sand in the creek. But when I realize that each grain is an important piece, an important part of the plan of Creation, that is just as important as the boulder, I know that I, too, have a unique place in this world. As my life and my body go through the changes brought about by age, the sand that I have become is just as significant as the boulder that I once was. And occasionally, if I follow the Path that Creator has set for me, there will even be some nuggets of gold to help The People.

When I stand in the valley and see (as well as feel) the mountains rise all around me, it is as though Creator has opened His hand and is cradling me in His palm. I see His Love in every cloud, in every plant, in every stone, and in every drop of water, and I know that I am blessed. 

Every time I come to the mountains, this man from Missouri finds a treasure far greater than gold. I feel a closeness to our Creator and a charge to my Spirit that makes every day a good day to die, yet a great day to live for The People.

Wado Grandfather for the blessings of life and the beauty of your Creation. May everyone find their own special, unique Path and live their life in a way that the beauty is ever present and a reminder of the Love that created us.

Aho! Rod Jackson


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