STORMOnce again, this spring has brought severe storms to so many people. It is easy to just move on with our lives after the skies clear and the newscasters tell us the threat has past. Yet, it is so important to remember all the destruction, injuries and loss of life that the storms left in their wake.

Thousands of people need our help and prayers to rebuild their homes, repair their bodies and to deal with extreme loss. The American Red Cross and local agencies have programs to take donations.that can be put to good use during the recovery efforts.

The power of prayer lies within each and every person. So today, please take a moment to stop, pray and put those affected by the storms in
your heart.
Storm and Rainbow on the Plains
Storm clouds gather in a troubled sky
Embracing the power of nature’s force.
Undisturbed, the storm passes by,
Arched in beauty as a hopeful promise,
A rainbow emerges in glistening dew.

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