nativeamericanhealingNative American traditions focused on healing rather than curing. While physicians today look for ways to make symptoms go away, ancient healing traditions of tribes like the Cherokee focused on making a person whole and restoring harmony in the human body.

More focus has been given to the nature of holistic medicine as people look for natural ways to end dependency on harmful drugs and expensive treatments. The spiritual healing of herbs and essential oils has been studied for

​thousands of years, and there is still much to learn about the practice. However, one thing is certain. Holistic medicine and treatments provide relief and even empower those who use it properly.
Native American healers also combine medicine with healing ceremonies and prayers. A caring community envelopes a sick individual so that everyone can show their love and ask the Great Spirit for healing. This type of healing calls on the power of nature, human connections and spirit.

To heal means much more than taking away a symptom. It means improving a person’s quality of life. With nature’s gifts and caring communities, we can find a whole different way to look at the world of medicine and find better solutions for those experiencing pain and illness.

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