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May 2014

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June 2014

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Nuwati Herbals Teas work with the body in an all natural way to promote balance and good health. The loose herbal blends are bottled in amber jars to protect the herbs and preserve their effectiveness and flavor. Each jar contains between 9 and 34 different herbs.

Nuwati Herbals 4 oz Teas make approximately 35 to 45 cups. These figures are based upon using a level tablespoon.

Exceptions: Cloud Walking is our only tea of the 17 large jars that contains 3 oz. The herbs are very fluffy and we can’t fit 4 oz in a jar. You will still get approximately 35 to 45 cups from a jar. The Healer Tea is a stronger tea as it contains Cayenne Pepper. We suggest you only use a teaspoon when making this tea. You will get 60 to 70 cups from this jar.

Nuwati Teas can be mixed together as long as their use is not in conflict with each other. For instance, we do not suggest you combine an energy tea with a tea for relaxation.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Caution:  Consult your health care professional prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, take any medication or have a medical condition.

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Herbal Tea Sampler

 Offering Nuwati customers an opportunity to try a sampler package containing FOUR (4) of our smaller size teas jars.  Each tea contain 2 to 3 ounces of product and will make 15 to 20 cups of tea or more. YOU PICK THE FOUR TEAS!


Bear in the Woods Tea 4oz


Gentle Herbal Laxative ~ An all natural, gentle herbal tea that can support regularity and promote nature to takes its course. The name says it all!

Buffalo Bone Tea 4oz


Contains herbs that our Indigenous ancestors used to help support the body’s structure. Does NOT contain buffalo bones and will NOT give you buffalo breath.

Calming the Storm Tea 4oz


Contains herbs that help to quench the burning in the belly like rain on a wildfire. This blend aids in calming the wind and quieting the rumbling thunder to promote healthy digestion.

Christmas Tea 3oz


Enjoy this tasty, comforting blend with your family and friends, or give it as a gift to someone special in your life. Nuwati Herbals Christmas Tea sells all year long! What a great way to have a bit of holiday spirit each and everyday!

Cloud Walking Package


Contains herbs that have traditionally been used to help ease those “should have, need to, forgot to” thoughts that keep you awake. This blend also contains herbs that support a calm body for a restful night’s sleep. Both the Tea and Cream contain the same herbal recipe and team up to promote Rest and Relaxation.

Cloud Walking Tea 3oz


Promotes Rest and Relaxation and contains herbs that have traditionally been used to help ease those “should have, need to, forgot to” thoughts that keep you awake. This blend also contains herbs that support a calm body for a restful night's sleep.

Detox and Weight Management Package


This two product package is designed to help detox the body and help with weight management.  We suggest beginning with Toxaway Tea and follow with SeeLessO’Me Tea, using only one product at a time.

Eye of the Hawk Tea 4oz


Contains herbs that have been used traditionally to support tired eyes and healthy vision. A hawk can detect the slightest movement of a mouse from hundreds of feet in the air. Here’s to looking at you!

Healer Tea 4oz – Nuwati’s Best Selling Product!


Supports a healthy immune system and supports respiratory and nasal health. History indicates that our Indigenous ancestors had elders who were groomed in the healing arts.  These individuals would serve as herbalists, healers and spiritual communicators.  The Healer Tea is created to honor those people for their efforts and sacrifices.