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Breath of Life Herbal Bath Salts


Invigorating with Eucalyptus and Rosemary. As you soak in Breath of Life Bath Salts enjoy the invigorating aroma of this unique blend.  We invite you to drink a hot cup of Nuwati Healer Tea as you enjoy your bath!

Dreamtime in the Water Herbal Bath Salts


Comforting with Lavender and Chamomile. Dreamtime in the Water Bath Salts invites you to enjoy the tranquil sound of the water and the comforting aroma of the herbs.  We suggest that you also enjoy a hot cup of Nuwati Cloud Walking Tea as set your mind adrift and make your journey into Dreamtime.

Healthy Skin Herbal Bath Salts


Moisturizing with Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil. Relax as you feel the benefits of the herbs and oils that have been used for centuries to moisturize the skin. A warm cup of Nuwati Herbal Warrior Tea is very enjoyable while soaking.

Wash My Pain Away Bath Salts


Soothing with Orange Peel and Ginger. After soaking in Wash My Pain Away Bath Salts, emerge refreshed as you continue on your journey! Nuwati Buffalo Bone Tea makes a great hot drink while bathing!

Herbal Bath Salt Assortment


Invigorating, Comforting, Moisturizing and Soothing. Packaged in 3″ five oz cardboard tubes that resemble little Pow Wow drums, this sampler makes a terrific gift. Each drum contains enough salt for one to two baths.

Bear Foot Soak 18 oz


Freshens and Moisturizes your “Bear” Feet so you can show off your refreshed “Bare Feet”.  Relax and enjoy the soothing effect of the aromatic herbs and essential oils.  Suggest soak time is 15 to 20 mins.

Foot Care Package


Two Great Products to Freshen and Moisturize your Feet so you are sandal ready anytime! We suggest beginning with a warm foot bath in Bear Foot Soak and follow with Bear Feet Cream.

Going in the Cave Herbal Bath Bag


Helps provides comfort and assists in meditation. Bear Medicine teaches us that sometimes we have to go into our cave and listen for the answers that come from within. Listen only to the drums in your heart and Spirit.  The aroma of the herbs in the 3″ X 5″ bag(s) relax and soothe the mind. Turn your bath into a “Giant Tub of Tea”.

Going to the Pow Wow Herbal Bath Bag


Pow Wows are a time of celebration where dancing and singing require a great deal of energy and stamina.  The herbs in the  3″ X 5″ bag(s) help provide an invigorating boost to get you up and running again. Soak in the herbal water, use the wet bag to scrub your skin and breathe in the sweet herbs. This bag can be used two to three times.Turn your bathtub into a “Giant Tub of Tea.”

Going to the Springs Herbal Bath Bag


Going to the Springs was a time for Native Americans to heal both their skin and spirit. The healing spring water soothed and moisturized skin dried out by the harsh environment and hard work.The herbs in the 3″ X 5″ bag(s) help moisturize as you relax in the warm water. Use the wet bag to scrub your skin. This bag can be used two to three times. Turn your bathtub into a “Giant Tub of Tea.”

The Sweat Lodge Herbal Bath Bag


The Sweat Lodge Ceremony is for cleansing and purification of the body and Spirit. You give back some of the only thing you truly have in this world, and that is yourself. As the sweat flows, it helps to detoxify the body and eases the mind. The 3″ X 5″ bag(s) can be used when you feel under the weather and need a boost. Turn your bathtub into a “Giant Tub of Tea.”

Herbal Bath Bag Assortment


Try all 4 Bath Bags! One for moisturizing, invigorating, cleansing, and comfort. Toss one bag into running bath water and relax in a Therapeutic Blend of Herbs. The softened bag makes a great exfoliating washcloth. Can be used 2 to 3 times each if you hang them to dry.

Bear Face Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. The shea butter, honey and oats in this bar will gently exfoliate and moisturize your face and skin. Emerge from your cave ready to show the world your “Bear” Face!

Cherokee Rose Soap


Lift your spirits with the open and fresh scent of this spiritual cleaning bar.The wild Cherokee Rose grows along the route of the Trail of Tears into eastern Oklahoma today.

Dream Catcher Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. Treat your senses to the soothing aroma of lavender and our body to hydrating herbs. Dream Catcher Soap will catch your good dreams for a peaceful night’s rest.

Indian Thyme Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. If you are on “Indian Time” then you dance to your own drum and set your own pace. Take the “thyme” to enjoy the scents in this herbal antibacterial soap!

Patchouli Soap – 4oz


Handcrafted Natural and Organic Herbal Soap. Earthy with Light Citrus! The enticing scent of Patchouli essential oil mixes with organic orange peel to lift the senses and cleanse the body. Brings you back to the 1960’s!

Sweet Springs Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. Oatmeal provides moisture and gentle exfoliation as the Sweet Spicy scent of this bar delights the senses. This bar makes a terrific shave soap for both men and women. It helps to soften and condition the skin.

Wind Dancer Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. The Four Winds display their powerful energy as they dance through the trees and across the water. Soap up and start your day dancing with energy! Be your own Wind Dancer!