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Council Fire Herbal Smoke Mix – 2oz – No Tobacco!


Herbal Smoke Mix – Relaxing Blend. APPROPRIATE FOR PIPES OR ROLLING PAPERS. **DOES NOT CONTAIN TOBACCO** The Elders gathered around a Council Fire, carefully making decisions for The People.  As you smoke this blend, honor the old ones and think of the generations to come.

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Dreamscape – Spirit Maiden SPECIAL RELEASE


Two years in the making…This unique CD blends the music of the two Americas, featuring NUWATI – FLOW OF LIFE ENERGY (Track 3), the Nuwati Herbals Signature Song. We thank our dear friend Michael and his musical team for bringing the sound of Nuwati Herbals to life!

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3″ Authentic Dream Catchers


Handcrafted by Cindy Engle, Howling Wolf Creations, Minnesota. Cindy creates all natural Dream Catchers using feathers provided by The Winged Ones. We thank them for their sacrifice.

The leather wraps come in chestnut colors. The feathers are all natural brown and gray tones. We will find the Dream Catcher that is right for you!


An old Indian legend says that the night air is filled with good and bad dreams. The Dream Catcher catches the dreams as they go by.

The good dreams know the way and slip through the center hole, then slide gently down the soft feathers.

The bad dreams, not knowing the way, get caught in the web and perish at first light.

Dream Catchers were hung on cradle boards and other places in the lodge for all to have good dreams.

Hang one above your bed…and happy dreaming!

Give a Gift


One of the traditions in the Native American culture is called the “Give Away.” This ceremony recognizes the principle that everything you think you “own” is not really yours, but rather is a gift from Creator. We give away our possessions to help others.

Give a gift certificate from Nuwati Herbals and we will honor your gift with one of our own. We will send a single bath bag with each certificate under 75.00 and a 1 oz balm with certificates over $75. ordered to recognize your “give away” and show our appreciation.

Help someone you care about bring their body and Spirit back into Balance.

Available online in amounts of $25, $50 or $100.  Call to request other options.

All Nuwati Herbals gift certificates are redeemable in our online store only. The Certificate Holder must call us at 314-962-5229 to place the order.

Tea Infuser – Small


Stainless Steel Wire-Mesh 1.75″ Tea Infuser with scissor handle. Holds approximately 1 Tablespoon of herbs. Place directly into a cup of boiling water, steep 3 to 5 minutes, stir and drink.