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Share My Blanket Tea 4oz


For Sensual Energy. Are you getting ready to share a blanket with your lover?  Start by sharing a cup of Share My Blanket then relax and enjoy the sensual energy you two have created.   

Storyteller Tea 4oz


The herbs in this tea have been traditionally used to support memory and focus. Native Traditions were passed down by Elders known as The Storytellers.   Drink this tea and remember that to your friends and family you are… The Storyteller.

Tea Infuser – Small


Stainless Steel Wire-Mesh 1.75″ Tea Infuser with scissor handle. Holds approximately 1 Tablespoon of herbs. Place directly into a cup of boiling water, steep 3 to 5 minutes, stir and drink.

Tea Pee Tea 4oz – Award Winner!


For prostate support. The herbs in Tea Pee have been traditionally used to support healthy bladder functions.We suggest drinking one cup in the morning and another before going to bed. VOTED BEST NEW PRODUCT – OPEN CLASS AT THE WORLD TEA EXPO IN LONG BEACH, CA ON MAY 30, 2014!

ThunderHeart Tea – Award Winner!


For Healthy Heart Support.  As the Thunder beats in the sky, so should the strong heart of every Warrior. It is very important to eat a heart healthy diet, exercise regularly and maintain a proper weight.



Time of the Moon Package


Crabby? Hard to live with? Too “hot” to handle? Have you been “flashing” people? Two products, Time of the Moon Tea and Time of the Moon Cream to help provide comfort during life’s cycles.

Time of the Moon Tea 4oz


Comforting Support for PMS and Menopause. Crabby? Hard to Live with? Too “hot” to handle? Time of the Moon is for that special time of the month – the cleansing time. This relaxing blend supports the balance of hormones and emotions.

Toxaway Tea 6oz


Supports a Full Body Detox. Just as the Sun, Water and the Four Winds cleanse and renew Mother Earth, Toxaway Tea promotes a healthy liver, skin and body. Remember to eat responsibly, exercise and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Walk in Balance Tea 4oz


For Tension and Digestion. Contains herbs that have traditionally been used to ease tension and settle an upset stomach. Sip this blend and allow your Mind and Body to walk back into balance!

Warrior Tea 6oz


Your Antioxidant Shield. Antioxidants can support your body's fight against aging and free radicals. The herbs and fruits in The Warrior Tea are packed with antioxidants which promote a healthy body.

Wild Horse Tea 4oz


Designed to support reduction of temporary fluid retention and promote detoxification. This blend is intended to make you “go like a wild horse”, so stay close to the stall.

Wind Dancer Tea 4oz


For increased energy and stamina. The wind displays its powerful energy as it dances through the trees and across the land and water. The herbs in Wind Dancer Tea have been used traditionally to support energizing the body.