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Walk in Balance Tea 4oz


For Tension and Digestion. Contains herbs that have traditionally been used to ease tension and settle an upset stomach. Sip this blend and allow your Mind and Body to walk back into balance!

Warrior Tea 6oz


Your Antioxidant Shield. Antioxidants can support your body’s fight against aging and free radicals. The herbs and fruits in The Warrior Tea are packed with antioxidants which promote a healthy body.

Chocolate Chai 4oz


Chocolate Lovers will really appreciate the taste of our new Chai tea!  It has a robust spicy flavor combined with the yummy taste of chocolate.  Add milk for an even richer taste!

Wild Horse Tea 4oz


Designed to support reduction of temporary fluid retention and promote detoxification. This blend is intended to make you “go like a wild horse”, so stay close to the stall.

Black and Blue Balm


Provides relief from painful bruises and helps to shorten the length of time the bruising persists. Many customers have also experienced a reduction in spider veins and relief from the pain of varicose veins.

Wind Dancer Tea 4oz


For increased energy and stamina. The wind displays its powerful energy as it dances through the trees and across the land and water. The herbs in Wind Dancer Tea have been used traditionally to support energizing the body.

Dream Catcher Balm


Dream Catcher Balm will help promote sleep and help to reduce tension. Apply it under your nose, on your temples, chest and back of the neck. Then relax and catch your good dreams while your bad dreams fade in the first light of day.

Tea Sampler

 Offering Nuwati customers an opportunity to try a sampler package containing FOUR (4) of our smaller size teas jars.  Each tea contain 2 to 3 ounces of product and will make 15 to 20 cups of tea or more. YOU PICK THE FOUR TEAS!


Four Directions Balm


Contains herbs warm the skin and release vapors to help open stuffy nasal passages. Rub it on the chest in a circular motion, covering all four directions. Four Directions Balm can also be dotted under the nasal passages for instant breathing relief.

Indian Blanket Balm


Indian Blanket Balm contains herbs that work deep into the muscles and joints and warm the body. Gently Massage into sore, aching areas. It will feel as though you have a warm Indian Blanket wrapped around you.

Dagny Pet Shampoo Bar


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. This natural shampoo will protect and moisturize your pet’s skin while it adds a healthy shine to the coat. Dagny also loves the way she smells!

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FLEA and TICK Treatment – 8oz


Treatment gets rid of Fleas and Ticks without Harmful Pesticides. Plant Based Product – Non-Toxic – Fast Acting – Easy to Use – Veterinarian Recommended – No Irritating Chemicals to harm you or your pet. This extra strength spray formula has been proven to effectively remove fleas and ticks from a variety of pets without harmful polluting pesticides.

Comforting Herbal Package


Sip and Soak Away your Tension with this Comforting Assortment containing 6 terrific herbal products. Create a new Healthy bedtime ritual.

Workout Package


ACHES AND PAINS FROM TOO MUCH WORKING OUT? This combination of products is designed to support the body’s structure, soothe your sore muscles and joints, and soak your discomfort away.

Cloud Walking Package


Contains herbs that have traditionally been used to help ease those “should have, need to, forgot to” thoughts that keep you awake. This blend also contains herbs that support a calm body for a restful night’s sleep. Both the Tea and Cream contain the same herbal recipe and team up to promote Rest and Relaxation.

Laughing Coyote Package


The Coyote is known as the trickster. He teaches us that laughter truly is the best Medicine. So relax, kick back, enjoy a cup of tea and this aromatic cream and bring a little laughter into your world! Both the Tea and Cream contain the same herbal recipe and team up for an Uplifting experience. 


Time of the Moon Package


Crabby? Hard to live with? Too “hot” to handle? Have you been “flashing” people? Two products, Time of the Moon Tea and Time of the Moon Cream to help provide comfort during life’s cycles.