In The Medicine Bag


Have you ever been in a special place and found a stone that seemed to call out to you to pick it up? Or found a shell on the beach t

hat just had to go home with you? Have you ever looked upon things like this as medicine?

Medicine (with a capital M) is anything that makes you feel good. That is why people wear Medicine Bags. When you can hold something from your Medicine Bag in your hand, smile, and remember where it came from, then you have just received a dose of Medicine. You put items in your Medicine Bag that help you feel good. When people ask “What’s in your Medicine Bag?” just smile, and tell them, “My own special Medicine.”

That’s what you will find in the Nuwati Herbals Medicine Bag… items that help you achieve Balance and feel better. Arvel Birds’ music, sage and ceremonial items, authentic Dreamcatchers and infusers to help make your Nuwati tea. All these things can bring a smile to your face and lighten the Spirit. These are Medicine.

We are planning to put many more special items In The Medicine Bag, so visit often. You won’t even have to ask, “What’s in the Medicine Bag?” We will show you.



FREE Items


Osiyo, Friends.

Native American culture teaches us that you never take anything without giving something back.

As an expression of our gratitude for your purchase, we would like to offer you some free Nuwati Herbal products.

“This offering helps to complete the Circle…”



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