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Laughing Coyote Package


The Coyote is known as the trickster. He teaches us that laughter truly is the best Medicine. So relax, kick back, enjoy a cup of tea and this aromatic cream and bring a little laughter into your world! Both the Tea and Cream contain the same herbal recipe and team up for an Uplifting experience. 


Pet Care Package


Includes Animal Tracks Oil for problem areas on the skin or in the fur, The Dagny Pet Shampoo Bar for a healthy coat, and the Flea and Tick Treatment to get rid of fleas and ticks in an all natural safe way. 

Time of the Moon Package


Crabby? Hard to live with? Too “hot” to handle? Have you been “flashing” people? Two products, Time of the Moon Tea and Time of the Moon Cream to help provide comfort during life’s cycles.

Workout Package


ACHES AND PAINS FROM TOO MUCH WORKING OUT? This combination of products is designed to support the body’s structure, soothe your sore muscles and joints, and soak your discomfort away.