MUCH ANTICIPATED CHEROKEE GROUND – HERBAL COFFEE ALTERNATIVE HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED BY NUWATI HERBALS!  Handmade in the USA, but not represented to be an ‘Indian Product’ as defined by law.

The new blend is a  coffee alternative NOT a caffeine alternative.


All Natural Caffeine with LOW Acidity ~ Smooth, Rich Flavor with no bitter aftertaste ~ All Natural and Unprocessed ~ Get Productive Energy without the jitters, headaches or typical crash of coffee and energy drinks.

How do I make this blend?

Put 1 teaspoon (not a tablespoon) in your favorite brewing device to make an 8 oz cup of delicious, rich coffee.

You may use in Drip Coffee Makers, Single Serving Units, Percolators, Espresso Machines, French Presses & Tea Infusers. Most people have given up their cream and sugar as this blend is so smooth and has no bitter aftertaste.

What are the Ingredients? 

Roasted Chicory, Yerba Mate, Black Tea, Caraway Seeds, Guayusa, Black Peppercorns

How is CHEROKEE GROUND packaged?

In a Red 8 oz bag with a Black Tin Tie to reseal the package.

How many cups in a bag?

CHEROKEE GROUND MAKES MORE CUPS THAN TRADITIONAL COFFEE.  Yields 120 cups per 8 oz bag based upon 1 tsp per cup. Most people use 1 Tablespoon per cup when making regular coffee blends.

Where did CHEROKEE GROUND get it’s unusual name?

Rod Jackson, Creator and Founder of Nuwati Herbals is of Cherokee Metis descent (Cherokee and Scots-Irish). For a long time he has wanted to name one of the Nuwati products in such a way to honor the Cherokee People.  Despite Rod Jackson’s ancestry, and the use of the name Cherokee Ground, this product is not represented to be an ‘Indian Product’ as defined by law.

Over hundreds of years the Cherokee nation honored Mother Earth, working hard to preserve the land for future generations.  Today millions of people live on the original Cherokee Ground.  Nuwati Herbals honors the Cherokee People for their many sacrifices and gifts.

Where can I purchased CHEROKEE GROUND?

It is available immediately on the website at or by calling 314-962-5229.  It will be available soon in stores listed on our website.  Refer to the Store tab on the Home Page for a retailer in your area.

Cherokee Ground

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