Nuwati Herbals was founded in the St. Louis area in December 2002 by Rod and Kimberly Jackson. Rod is Metis (mixed blood) Cherokee and Scots-Irish and as such honors the ways of the Ancestors. Rod had a health food store and was engaged in mixing and developing a healthy line of natural products when he met Kimberly, who had a 30 yr background in Marketing. They teamed up to bring Nuwati Herbals to The People. Nuwati is the Cherokee word for “medicine” or one’s life force energy like Chi.

Justin Stauder, their nephew, began helping in the business at a young age and went onto obtain a degree in Economics and Supply Chain Management. He joined Nuwati full time in 2014 as VP/Operations Manager and is the next generation of Nuwati Herbals.

Nuwati products can be found across the United States, Bermuda and Canada in hundreds of retail and spa operations. This Missouri based business occupies a 5500 square foot location in Richmond Heights, MO.

Nuwati manufactures, 19 Remedy Teas, 6 Flavored Teas, 6 Balms, Spa Products including bath bags, salts, oils, creams and soaps, Pet Products and an all-natural DEET Free insect Repellent.


To prepare yourself for this quiz we suggest you spend some time on our website at Nuwati products are reflected in the various pulldown tabs on the Home Page. Once you are on the actual category page click on the green “Learn More about” tab at the top. We also have a series of videos featuring Rod and Kimberly Jackson on the Nuwati YouTube page at Once you have completed the quiz if you have specific questions about our products or production process you can reach us directly at 314-962-5229 or

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