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Dream Catcher Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. Treat your senses to the soothing aroma of lavender and our body to hydrating herbs. Dream Catcher Soap will catch your good dreams for a peaceful night’s rest.

Indian Thyme Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. If you are on “Indian Time” then you dance to your own drum and set your own pace. Take the “thyme” to enjoy the scents in this herbal antibacterial soap!

Patchouli Soap – 4oz


Handcrafted Natural and Organic Herbal Soap. Earthy with Light Citrus! The enticing scent of Patchouli essential oil mixes with organic orange peel to lift the senses and cleanse the body. Brings you back to the 1960’s!

Sweet Springs Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. Oatmeal provides moisture and gentle exfoliation as the Sweet Spicy scent of this bar delights the senses. This bar makes a terrific shave soap for both men and women. It helps to soften and condition the skin.

Wind Dancer Soap


Handcrafted Natural and Organic. The Four Winds display their powerful energy as they dance through the trees and across the water. Soap up and start your day dancing with energy! Be your own Wind Dancer!


Cherokee Ground 8oz


Smooth Flavor—Low Acidity, All Natural – Unprocessed,Natural Caffeine,  Get Productive Energy without the jitters, headaches or typical crash of coffee or energy drinks. MAKES MORE CUPS THAN TRADITIONAL COFFEE

Tea Infuser – Small


Stainless Steel Wire-Mesh 1.75″ Tea Infuser with scissor handle. Holds approximately 1 Tablespoon of herbs. Place directly into a cup of boiling water, steep 3 to 5 minutes, stir and drink.

Relaxation Herbal Eye Pillow


The gentle weight around the eye area Calms and Soothes, Relieves Tension and Quiets the Mind and Spirit. Just Block out the Light and Go Within to Meditate. 

Sinus & Headache Herbal Eye Pillow


The gentle weight of the pillow around the eye area Provides Relief from the discomfort of Sinus, Respiratory Congestion and Headaches. Pillow may be used warm, cold or room temperature. Warm for Sinus and Congestion and Chill for Headaches.