Utah and Las Vegas Trip 0508 057Yesterday evening my nephew Justin and I went through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado as the sun was setting, casting shadows on the western side of the canyon and illuminating the eastern side, turning the reddish tinted stone walls a brilliant orange as the last few fingers of light found their way over the top of the mountain. These walls have often amazed me because they look like millions of stone cubes or slabs stacked on top of each other. This morning we left Grand Junction, Colorado headed West to Los Angeles. As we travelled along I-70, the mountains took on various shapes and forms, resembling mythical creatures, gnomes, a family of bears walking on a ridgeline, and even people (or their Spirits) frozen in stone.

Those of you who know me are aware that I work Utah and Las Vegas Trip 0508 007with the Plant People, but I have always been a Stone Person too. I have great respect for the stones, knowing that they have been around since the beginning of time and have witnessed all of the changes which have taken place on our Earth Mother. They contain knowledge and wisdom and have a lot to offer the two-leggeds if we will take the time to listen.  This drive is the ultimate for a Stone Person, and I treasure each and every mile of the journey. For me, it is a path through time; a historical ride that takes me back to the beginning of our planet. I “see” the First People who made this rugged territory their home before the Europeans forced their way in and took it over. I see the trek of the “settlers” from the East to the land of their “manifest destiny” in the West. I see the attempts to tame the wild valleys and gorges to make that trek easier. I see the roads being carved out in the easiest path possible, and sometimes being washed away because our Mother cannot be tamed. But most of all I see the stones. I see the red walls and marvel at the design that Creator put in them—the criss-crossing lines made by diverse elements, and the holes that appear to be randomly placed (but on closer observation I realize that they are definitely part of a pattern).

Utah and Las Vegas Trip 0508 020Our trek today took us through Colorado, Utah, a little neck of Arizona, and down into Nevada. I have made this journey a few times now, and it seems that every time it gets better. I see more with my eyes, and I “see” more with my Spirit each time I have the opportunity to pass through the red canyons. I think to myself, Grandfather, you had a great day when you designed this masterpiece.

On the Red Road we say that every step should be a prayer. Today, with every step and with every breath I said Wado Grandfather! Thank you for this beauty!Utah and Las Vegas Trip 0508 023 Thank you for the love that you show your People when they take the time to look and realize what gifts you have given us! Let me always look with grateful eyes and see the beauty in every plant, in every stone, in every stream, in every four-legged, every winged one, and in every cloud. Let me always walk the Path that you have set for only me, and let me Honor you with every thought and deed.  Aho!

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