We were blessed to share our lives with our Four-Legged, Dagny, a wire-haired Dachshund, (named after the strong-willed female character in Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged). Dagny is our constant traveling companion. She came into this world as a Wise Old Soul and is at home wherever she is. Dagny loves to pile in our SUVs loaded down with her bed, blanket, suitcase, and toys. Dagny has Four-Legged friends all over the country… not to mention the many Nuwati customers she has charmed.

Dagny is now over 16 years old and going strong.  Each day she teaches us how to age gracefully as we all grow old together!

Dagny and her traveling companions!

Our Four Leggeds who have walked on…

The loss of our Four Leggeds is so hard as they become family members in addition to being trusted friends.

“God Made the earth, the sky and the water, the moon and the sun. He made man and bird and beast. But He didn’t make the dog.

He already had one.” ~Native American saying

Aginalii (Cherokee for “he is my friend) was a homebody and stayed behind when we hit the open road. He was just happy to play in the fields, digging holes and chasing critters. In July 2012 Aginalii’s physical body walked the valley for the last time.  He is now with his Creator and his Spirit remains strong in our fields along the river.  He taught us a great deal about loyalty, friendship and unconditional love.  We honor Aginalii and thank him for being “our friend”.

Aginalii loved to sit on the hillside and watch over Indian Arrow Valley, his territory.

Buddy  was the constant companion of Barry Simpson, our lead tea maker, for 14 years. He was calm, friendly, patient and a great teacher.  Everyone who spent time with Buddy learned life lessons from him. Buddy had a way of quietly sharing knowledge.  He is missed by so many.

A friend to all.

We celebrate the times we share with all the Four-Leggeds.