Prayer Circle

The Power of the Buffalo…

The Power of Prayer

Millions of powerful buffalo once roamed the earth banding together as one. The herds found security and safety in numbers, their gentle nature a reflection of the Great Spirit.

A Prayer Circle is a group of People gathering together in spirit in the power of blessing. Through the unity of prayer they share their powerful intention for transformation and healing.

If you have a friend (human or animal) in need, send us an email through the “Contact Us” tab on the Home page. Please give us their name and what prayers you would like the Nuwati Circle of friends to send. We will add your request to this page. If you keep us updated on their progress we will let others know the power of the prayers your loved one received.

Wado….Rod, Kimberly and the Nuwati Family

The Circle…


We are so honored to have brave men and women who give up their personal lives with friends and family to dedicate themselves to keeping not only Americans but other folks in need safe and well. Please send your thoughts and prayers to these special guardian angels.

Prayer for a Determined Man…Our dear friend,  Jack Stephenson, is returning to good health following a slight stroke that impaired his vision and balance.  Quick action by his wife, Linda, helped to get Jack in the care of those who could identify the problem right away.  He is at home now and all is good ahead.


Prayers for a Lady who does so much for others…sometimes it is hard to stop and take care of yourself when the needs are so great of those around you.  Remember to ask for help when needed and to love yourself enough to take care of yourself.


Prayers from a Concerned Father…Would you please add my son Joe to your prayer circle. Joe is a veteran who was in the Iraq war and is suffering from PTSD. My heart breaks when I see this vibrant, intelligent young man so sad and afraid due to the memories of the conflict. Pray his mind will heal and he will find peace. He has two lovely children and a supportive wife, but he cannot work due to his pain. Wado.

Prayers to help with panic attacks…Mary knows there are many who suffer from panic disorders and she asks for prayers for herself and those who have this ailment.  She wants people to know that some of the Nuwati teas have helped her on her path to peace


Loss of a Soldier...Sara has requested prayer for her family. Her only son was killed while serving in the military, under very difficult circumstances. Besides his mother he leaves behind two children, ages 5 and 6. Prayers of thanks go out to the Warrior lost in battle to protect The People. Wado my Brother! There is no greater price that a Warrior can pay than that of making the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live. It is a loss that no family should have to bear, and we Honor them for their sacrifice as well. No words can make this any easier; the respect that you, your grandchildren, and especially your son receive, pale when compared to the sorrow of his loss. The understanding that you will see him someday does not make up for the grief which you feel here and now. In the Native culture we say, “It is a good day to die“, meaning that we live our lives daily, prepared to cross over to the Spirit world. As a Warrior, he lived near death every day. In battle you get very close to Creator, and you make your Peace. Our prayers are with you my sister. May Creator offer you and his children a way to cope until you once again stand with your son where there are no tears and no separation. The People honor you and offer their prayers to you in this most difficult of times. Stand tall, my Sister! You have The People to hold you up until you can once again stand tall.