Nuwati Friends

The Native culture recognizes the importance of Family and the extended Family. We consider ourselves very blessed, since through our business we get the opportunity to meet and work with people who become so much more than business associates. They become our friends and part of the Nuwati extended Family. We are honored to include pictures of some of our Family. More are on the way.

Rod, Joanne, Kimberly and Sheri

Rod, Joanne Cash (Johnny’s baby sister), Kimberly and Singer/Song Writer Sheri Pedigo in Nashville. Joanne and her husband, Harry Yates, started the Nashville Cowboy Church 25 years ago. Joanne has 30 albums to her credit. Joanne and Johnny shared a mutual love of Gospel Music and sang together many times.  The day we took this picture she had just returned from an extended trip to Japan and had a sore throat , luckily for her we had some of our Healer Tea to share!

Adward Winning Artist, Arvel Bird, Rod and Kimberly Kelley, Arvel’s wife and manager and fellow performer.

 Rod with Grammy Winning Artist, Joanne Shenandoah and Songwriter/Musician, Michael Bucher at 2009 Native American Music Awards.

2012 Grammy Awards Gift SuiteRod and Andy Vargas, Lead singer for Santana at 2012 Grammy Red Carpet Events in Hollywood. Andy regularly uses Nuwati products and has become a dear friend.

Rod and Lou Ferrigno

Rod and Lou Ferrigno, “The Incredible Hulk” at 2013 Grammy Red Carpet Events LA

R Jackson CCH Pounder

Rod and CCH Pounder “NCSI New Orlearns, The Shield, Warehouse 13, Avatar” and Rod at 2012 and 2013 Grammy Awards

Frank Stallone and Justin

Our nephew, Justin Stauder, and Frank Stallone at the 2013 Grammys Red Carpet Events in LA. We gave Frank an extra jar of our Best-Selling Healer Tea to give to his big brother, Slyvester

Irene Bedard, Award Winning Actress, Musician and Writer with Rod. Irene is the voice and model of Walt Disney’s Pocohantas.

Multi Award Winning Musician, Mark Holland and Rod at Mark’s concert.

Rod and Award Winning Musician, Arvel Bird at 2009 Kansas City Indian Market.


Rod and Kimberly with Nammy Award winning Musician and Artist, Bill Miller

Rod and Odell Borg, Creator of High Spirits Flutes.

Rod and his biggest supporter…his mother, Eunice!

Rod and Motivational Speaker and Award winning writer, Wayne Dyer.


Rod and Cherokee author and educator, J.T. Garrett


Rod with Moses Brings Plenty and his wife, Sara-Ann, sharing good times at the Indian Market.

Rod and Two Time Grammy Winning and Emmy Nominated Musician, Mary Youngblood.

Rod, Kimberly and Joe West working hard at the Denver Show. Joe was a dear friend to Nuwati Herbals and left us all too soon in 2012.