Frequently Asked Questions

Website Terms and Conditions.

Shipping: We know you are anxious to receive your product and make every effort to ship orders within 24 hours based upon a Monday to Friday work week.  Orders are shipped USPS Priority and by UPS Ground.  We suggest you review the shipping amounts before picking your selection as USMAIL usually turns out to be the least expensive option.

Damages and Shortages:

Damages and shortages must be reported with 48 hours of receipt of goods. All merchandise leaves our warehouse in good condition. If the cartons are delivered damaged, opened or re-taped you must file a claim with the carrier at the time of delivery. We can assist you in this process. If you have a shortage or if there is an error in your shipment, contact us immediately and we will rectify the matter.

Returns: Only manufacturer defects or damaged items as a result of shipping will be authorized for return unless specifically negotiated directly with Nuwati Herbals, Inc.   Please contact us at 314-962-5229 or info@nuwatiherbals.com

Do you ship internationally?

We have been getting an increasing amount of international traffic on our website, and the answer is Yes, we do ship internationally! Our store doesn’t process international credit cards, however, we can send you a direct invoice to process through Pay Pal taking major credit cards. Email us at info@nuwatiherbals.com or call us for details at 314-962-5229.

You would be surprised at some of the locations where our teas and other products have gone in the Four Corners of the World thanks to our website.  The Internet is like international smoke signals!

Are Nuwati products Native American made?

In the words of Rod Jackson, Founder of Nuwati Herbals…

“I am who I am, and I don’t pretend to be anything I am not. I am Metis (mixed blood) Cherokee and Scots-Irish, and look more like I should be wearing kilts rather than a ribbon shirt, but my heart tells me otherwise.

My Dad, my Grandpa, and all of my uncles had coal black hair which turned white as they aged, and my hair was brown and curly. I say WAS brown, because it, too, is now white. I don’t dye my hair black, don’t straighten it, and I don’t put on tanning creams to make myself more “native looking”.

I am not full-blood (hey, look at my picture!) I just know when my Grandpa told me (Boy, do you know that you are an Indian? Those are your People…), that it resonated with my heart and how I have always felt in my soul.  I was naturally drawn to the culture, the Ceremonies, and the Spirituality.

I know that I am doing what Great Mystery put me here to do, and I pray every day that I inspire the spirits of all my ancestors.”

Despite my ancestry, Nuwati Herbal products are not represented to be ‘Indian Products’ as defined by law.

Walk in Balance on Your Path,  Rod Jackson

Are your products organic?

In the literal translation of the word, the answer is no. Organic would mean that the herbs were harvested from rows which were planted by men. We prefer to use herbs that are wildcrafted, meaning they grow where the Creator planted them. The herbs are Non-GMO and Non-Irradiated. They are harvested from fields, riversides, mountainsides, valleys, forests and wherever else they grow naturally. Wildcrafted herbs are harvested humbly and thankfully. Only the herbs that are needed are harvested, and the rest are left for future generations so that they, too, can benefit from the Medicine Cabinet of Mother Earth. I have gone back to some of the areas where Grandma and I harvested 60 years ago and the plants are still there. When we go out to harvest we do so prayerfully. We thank Creator for creating the plants and Mother Earth for providing them. We thank the plants for their sacrifice for others, and we offer something back, such as tobacco. We don’t take without giving something in return. As we make all of the products we offer prayers for the people who will use them. We ask that they may find the comfort and wellness they seek, and we again thank Creator for how the plants have been provided to help us.

What is the shelf life of the teas?

We use dried herbs and we put them in amber food grade PET jars to help preserve their effectiveness and flavor. It is important to store the teas in a cool, dry place with the lid tightened securely. The herbs will then last for several years.

Can I combine the teas?

Yes, as long as you don’t combine teas that have opposite uses, such as Cloud Walking (relaxation) and Share My Blanket (energy). Think about the desired outcomes of the teas and combine them accordingly.

 Can I add sweetener?

We do suggest using a natural sweetener such as honey or Stevia.

Can I drink the teas if I am pregnant or nursing or have a known medical condition?

We always recommend that you consult with your physician before using any medication or any herbal formula. There are herbs that are very beneficial for pregnant women, but your physician may have a different opinion. Usually, if a nursing mother is healthy, it would be better to wait until the baby is weaned before getting back into an herbal regimen. As with any known medical condition, you should consult your physician before taking additional medications or natural herbs.

Will herbs interact with my medications?

We cannot answer that definitively, there are herbs that may interact with prescription medications or other supplements.  Due to the countless pharmaceuticals and supplements on the market please consult with your physicians(s) before taking our products if you are prescribed or have been prescribed medications for a medical condition.  Also, please read all product labeling carefully before use of products.

Can children and babies use herbs?

We do not suggest the use of our products with children or infants as these are issues need to be discussed with a pediatrician prior to use.

Can I use herbs on my pets?

It’s very natural and instinctual for them to do this on their own! If you have ever seen a dog eating grass you have witnessed instinctive self-medication. Some of our knowledge of herbs originally comes from watching which herbs animals consume when they are ill. When in the wild, animals naturally forage around for herbs, especially when they are sick. The herbs help them recover. Many veterinarians support alternative medications for pets. Just discuss any questions you might have with your vet.

I’m interested in learning more about herbs. What would you suggest I read?

The internet has many fine articles that you can locate through search engines such as Yahoo and Google. EBAY is an excellent website for locating used out-of-print books.

We suggest the following to help further your understanding of the herbs provided by Mother Earth:

Herbs THAT Heal by Michael A. Weiner, Ph.D. and Janet A. Weiner

Sacred Plant Medicine: The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Plants of the Cherokee by William H. Banks

The Little Herb Encyclopedia by Jack Ritchason

If you have any other questions that you need help with, email us at info@nuwatiherbals.com or call 314-962-5229.