Soon you can brew up a cup of Nuwati Herbals Coffee!

COMING SOON (May 2015) CHEROKEE GROUND -  an All Natural Herbal Coffee Alternative Steaming cup of Cherokee Ground  Created and Distributed by Nuwati Herbals. ADVANTAGES: • Get Productive Energy without the jitters, headaches or typical crash of coffee or energy drinks. • Get a natural boost from herbs and nutrients containing caffeine. • No processing [...]

Burning Desire

Nothing stays impossible when hope emerges from a remote chance to a clear-cut burning desire that is so complete in detail the mind accepts it as real.  Wishing and expecting are as different as the thorny vine and the fragile fern. Don’t let a living soul keep you from the mental picture that your dream is [...]


For 12 years every time we go through our local car wash Dagny, our Wire-Haired Dachshund has gone ballistic as the water, soap, brushes and dryer surround the car.  She barks, bites at the windows and feverishly jumps back and forth from the front seat to the back seat.  Something changed today as she sat on [...]

Journey of a Stone Person

Yesterday evening my nephew Justin and I went through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado as the sun was setting, casting shadows on the western side of the canyon and illuminating the eastern side, turning the reddish tinted stone walls a brilliant orange as the last few fingers of light found their way over the top of [...]

The Changing Stone

At the age of 65 I realize how incredibly Blessed I am. With Creator’s guidance my wife and I have the ability to travel to some incredible places and do some amazing things. For two weeks I have been in Colorado, and I find that this is a place that allows me to recharge my batteries [...]

The Quick Guide to Native American Healing

Native American traditions focused on healing rather than curing. While physicians today look for ways to make symptoms go away, ancient healing traditions of tribes like the Cherokee focused on making a person whole and restoring harmony in the human body. More focus has been given to the nature of holistic medicine as people look [...]

Why I Love Natural Remedies

When I talk to my friends, the subject of natural remedies and medicine practices continue to come up. For me personally, natural herbal remedies are the key to feeling well and balanced. I tell them right away that I am not a doctor, and anything I say is just my own idea and not meant [...]

Calming The Storm

Once again, this spring has brought severe storms to so many people. It is easy to just move on with our lives after the skies clear and the newscasters tell us the threat has past. Yet, it is so important to remember all the destruction, injuries and loss of life that the storms left in [...]

Staying Energized with Healthy Eating and Herbal Tea

Getting a healthy dose of energy can make you feel better today and over time. My friend likes a good cup of coffee, and while it's great to have some caffeine, there are some really amazing foods and teas out there that help you with nutrients. I've found that they pick me up and maintain [...]

Change is a Way of Life

Change is a way of life—the seasons tell us so. Yet nothing shakes us like change. Though we may expect it and sometimes even want it, more often we dread it. We dread change because we fear it—we do not think change can be for the better. Things happen that we would never have asked [...]